Rome wasn’t built in a day

Whether it’s constructing a temple or creating a city, great things take time to develop. Architects and town planners know this.  So, when Dr Ben Laker and the team at the Centre for High Performance (CfHP) shared their research last year on what leaders do that create sustainably effective schools, it was great to see […]

Creating your team goals using CAP

  This short blog has been written in response to a request via Twitter on any ideas I might have about how a team leaders in a school (at whatever level) might go about deciding on their priorities. As always, context is all.  The degree to which you might want to consult with your team […]

Introducing the giraffe concept

From an early age, like me, you have probably learnt that the reason that giraffes have evolved to have long necks is so they can reach the leaves on trees that other animals can’t reach.  The long neck is the key thing that enables them to be successful and it’s the same for them all.  […]

Using a coaching approach in leadership

When it comes to having even the shortest conversation, adopting a coaching approach can make a real difference to the effectiveness of the outcomes you achieve.  Having a good structure for the conversation is an important starting point.  There are lots of models out there, none more well known than John Whitmore’s excellent GROW model.  […]

Making the most of meetings

Whatever your leadership role, the time you spend together with colleagues is precious and usually quite limited.  But it has the potential to both support the effective working of a team or, if badly handled, to actually have the reverse effect!  In thinking about meetings, it’s just as important to remind yourself that often what […]

An inspector calls…

In most school settings there will be a time where someone will come in from outside to judge the quality of the educational experience you are offering and the progress your pupils are making as a result.  If these reviews or inspections are to go well, there needs to be a joined-up view of your […]

Managing change for impact

At its heart, the role of any leader is all about making change happen, not just for a while but for the long term. Whether that be improving the performance of a colleague in a particular area of practice, or designing and implementing a new policy or curriculum, the key to the success of any […]