An inspector calls…

In most school settings there will be a time where someone will come in from outside to judge the quality of the educational experience you are offering and the progress your pupils are making as a result.  If these reviews or inspections are to go well, there needs to be a joined-up view of your […]

Managing change for impact

At its heart, the role of any leader is all about making change happen, not just for a while but for the long term. Whether that be improving the performance of a colleague in a particular area of practice, or designing and implementing a new policy or curriculum, the key to the success of any […]

Harnessing the power of incremental coaching

In the last few years I have become increasingly convinced that a powerful way to support teachers’ development and improve the quality of teaching is to use regular coaching. I first came across this approach in Paul Bambrick-Santoyo’s excellent Leverage Leadership. He uses the term instructional coaching to describe the process. For a UK context […]

So what makes great leadership development?

In 2016, the expert group looking at teacher professional development published its findings in the form of the highly respected DfE standards for CPD. This got me thinking about what a similar summary might look like for effective leadership development. So here is my first attempt at a top ten. Leadership development should: be rooted […]

Why leadership approach matters

  It’s not what you do (but the way that you do it). Melvin Oliver and James Young. When Alex Hill and Ben Laker from the Centre for High Performance published their HBR article last term, I blogged about their assertions here. Their work attracted a lot of interest, not least from BBC2’s Newsnight, who […]

Leadership Matters

Over 1,300 schools and 11,000 school leaders are now using this website since its launch just under a year ago.  So what exactly is Leadership Matters and why have so many schools signed up?  The answer lies in what the schools I have been working with over the last three years have been saying to […]