Building discretionary effort

What you do as a school leader makes a difference to the results you achieve, however you choose to define what you mean by results.  But the relationship between leadership and results isn’t direct.  As the diagram below suggests, the actions you take as a leader have a significant impact on the culture and climate […]

Six habits for success

Over the last year or so I have become increasingly convinced that leadership habits make a significant difference to the effectiveness of school leaders and their impact on pupil outcomes.  Every day I visit schools where I have privilege to reflect on what these leaders are up to on a routine basis.  This short blog, […]

The little things matter

I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people. Mahatma Gandhi Building and sustaining relationships is one of the most important elements of any leader’s role.  As the popular quote attributed to Peter Drucker says: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast’.  Translated for schools, you can have the greatest […]

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Whether it’s constructing a temple or creating a city, great things take time to develop. Architects and town planners know this.  So, when Dr Ben Laker and the team at the Centre for High Performance (CfHP) shared their research last year on what leaders do that create sustainably effective schools, it was great to see […]

Creating your team goals using CAP

  This short blog has been written in response to a request via Twitter on any ideas I might have about how a team leaders in a school (at whatever level) might go about deciding on their priorities. As always, context is all.  The degree to which you might want to consult with your team […]

Introducing the giraffe concept

From an early age, like me, you have probably learnt that the reason that giraffes have evolved to have long necks is so they can reach the leaves on trees that other animals can’t reach.  The long neck is the key thing that enables them to be successful and it’s the same for them all.  […]